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About The Company (Our Story)

Golden Land company for exporting fresh and frozen agricultural crops Is an Egyptian company Located in Haram  area,  Giza, Governorate. Golden land  has a great experience of cultivation of  agricultural crops and supplying all products to our partners in success and since existence the company specialized in the agricultural trade beginning of cultivation a good cultivation through its marketing to the Arab and international markets ,  and  it ends up in the hands of the last consumer. We have contributed with a large percentage in the exports volume of Egypt  abroad , as we work to provide the best types of agricultural crops and Egyptian dates and Wood Pellets And Egyptian shower  loofah  with  high-quality specifications, capable of competing in the global market. Also, inside the company we sift, sort, and pack all types of grains and agricultural crops according to the highest standard specifications in accordance with different tastes All of these products are supervised by trained and qualified cadres who have Many  years  of experience working in this field. And  by  Allah’s grace, the number of countries which we deal with through exports and imports have reached to more than 10 countries in different regions around the world. We always aim in our company to satisfy our valued customers by providing all methods of ease and flexibility in dealing with us.

Among the advantages of our company are that we: