Watermelon is one of the most famous summer fruits, which helps to counteract the weather and replace lost fluids. The benefits of watermelon are multiple because watermelon contains powerful antioxidants, in addition to containing vitamin C, which makes it have a role in strengthening immunity. It is also characterized by containing soluble fiber and a high percentage of water. Facilitating bowel movement and promoting the health and functioning of the digestive system,

We export watermelons of the highest quality in order to maintain our reputation first and to satisfy our customers

We provide you with Egyptian watermelon with the best quality and European specifications

We always make sure that our products comply with European standards

Specifications and details

Type: scata melon / mongoose melon without seed

We can pack in 10kg/15kg cartons 2 watermelons per carton

We have the ability and flexibility to supply all types of watermelons, as well as providing special packages upon request