Grapes are well-known summer fruits that contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many nutrients with many health benefits. The types and shapes vary, which meets all tastes. Grapes include:

Prem white and red – Cyprior White – Crimson Red – Early Sweet White – Film Red – King Ruby Red – Atom Royal Black – Black Magic Black – Red Globe Red


Packing weight of 5 kg, and the grapes were pre-packed in a plastic panet, 10 pans x 500 grams weight

Also available in a 5 kg plastic box

We have the flexibility to provide all kinds of grapes, as well as to provide special packages upon request


The seedless red variety, from mid-May to the first week of July

Red Globe Red (seed variety)

Red variety (seeded variety), the season begins in the first week of July and continues until the end of August


The Red Seedless variety, known for its crunchy, refreshing taste and sweet flavour, begins its season in the first week of July and lasts until the end of September.

Otam Royal

Seedless, also available from June to July