About Golden Land

We have succeeded in Golden Land Company for exporting fresh and frozen agricultural crops through the past years in making our activity in a prominent place, through the characterized of our products of agricultural crops and dates, in addition to a high quality Egyptian shower loofah which satisfi all tastes, and the main factor in achieving this achievement was our constant endeavor to exceed the expectations of our customers. Today, with the growth of our business which charts new horizons for our people and the communities  that our services reachs, we remain committed to our philosophy of producing high-quality products according to the highest international standards, forming mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers , investing human capital, and maintaining our position as useful citizens.In Golden Land Company, we have contributed with a large percentage in the exports volume of Egypt abroad, as we work to provide the best types of agricultural crops and Egyptian dates and Wood Pellets

and Egyptian shower loofah with high-quality specifications, capable of competing in the global market. Also, inside the company we sift, sort, and pack all types of grains and agricultural crops according to the highest standard specifications in accordance with different tastes All of these products are supervised by trained and qualified cadres who have many years of experience working in this field. and by Allah’s grace, the number of countries which we deal with through exports and imports have reached to more than 10 countries in different regions around the world. We always aim in our company to satisfy our valued customers by providing all methods of ease and flexibility in dealing with us.


Why Choose Golden Land?

Safe and smooth operations

Our operations are always secure and smooth at any stage to ensure the least effort and maximum time saving for our customers

Highest quality

We use the latest technology in sorting, sizing and packing, from picking fruits and vegetables to their storage and deliver, we always guarantee the best.

Flexibility and availability

We always pleasure to hear from you and available for your inquiries.

Our Achievements

Countries that import our products
Tons of products sold
Years of Experience

In our projects we do the following

our mission

It is the identification, implementation and supervision of the company’s growth strategies in its market in Egypt, the Middle East and internationally

Our message

And because every work has a message and a purpose, the message of Golden Land Company was clear from the beginning, and that message is still a cornerstone in building this entity: (To become at the forefront of the exporting companies of agricultural crops, dates and bathing loofah, by keeping pace with the highest quality standards in our products, Providing luxury products that enjoy customer satisfaction and investor confidence.

our goal

We use an approach where we understand the complexity of the environment in which we operate and look beyond industry-wide challenges as we address the underlying causes of problems. We always take possible side effects into consideration

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